Catching Summer Light

First let me start off by apologizing for being MIA for so long; the past few months have been busy! We adopted THREE puppies, moved into a bigger house, I joined a band as the lead vocalist, and I quit my job to be a SAHM.

Don’t fret, thought; I haven’t been idle! I have finished a few things.
I’d like to started with my painted bottles and jars!


First thing that you will need is a clear jar, bottle, or vase; clean them, making sure to remove any leftover labeling or adhesive

Now grab yourself some Mod Podge Gloss and Acrylic paint in the color(s) of your choice!

Image Image

I keep Mod Podge around to seal acrylic paintings and add a gloss finish, so I had it on hand, but you can find it at Wal-Mart in the crafts section with the acrylic paint.


Now all you have to do is mix 2-3 parts paint with 1 part Mod Podge. Mod Podge is white when wet, but it dries clear, which is why it’s great for diluting acrylic paint. Next you just need to paint the outside of the bottle with the mixture, you can use multiple colors for an ombre effect, or even a pattern. (use as many coats as you’d like to get the desired consistency, just be sure to let the paint DRY COMPLETELY)


Once your bottle is completely dry, you can embellish it! For the green bottle, I dipped stamps into black acrylic paint and them stamped the flat surface!


For something a little different with the jars You can perform the steps above, but instead of painting the outside, paint the inside.


Now paint the outside with white acrylic paint, I suggesting picking up a white paint that isn’t glossy, since it makes the next step more difficult.

For this step you will need a push pin or an exacto knife (the latter being the better option.)
Just use the pin or knife to gently etched out a design in the white paint. if you would like to do any line-work before etching, I would suggest using a stick of charcoal and (gently) drawing the lines to be etched.

I also painted a couple of burnt out Lightbulbs, which turned out pretty nice! I have them resting on a vase and a glass that I painted, but you can hot-glue a washer to the bottom so they stand on their own.

DSCF1391 - Copy - CopyDSCF1391 - Copy - Copy (2)


Painted bottles and jars look great sitting in a sunny window, or hanging on the porch (you can just tie them up with twine.)
This is a great way to repurpose empty pickle jars and glass soda bottles, and they definitely help you catch the summer light and add a little color to your home!

Stay Crafty!




Ombre Chrysanthemum Chandelier


courtesy of

I found this Chrysanthemum chandelier a few weeks ago, and had to try it out! Of course the instructions call for paper lanterns, but if you’re on a budget, or can’t seem to find any paper lanterns (like me,) you can use flat circles cut from cardboard to make wall-hanging Chrysanthemums

You can find the instructions by following the link:

Here are some of Aunt Peaches’ images:




Here are a couple (poor quality) photos of my own:



This is a fun project for nurseries, girl rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parties, you name it.
And I am definitely going to be doing this one again!

Happy Crafting!