Origami Butterfly Garland


Let’s start this off with a little origami! Who out there likes origami? I sure do! Not only is it a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby (at least compared to many of my own,) but there are so many easy designs, that anyone can do it. My daughter loves helping me with origami. The photo above is a garland of origami butterflies that my daughter and I made to hang over her bed. We used squares of construction paper, printer paper, and even squares cut from paper gift bags.

If you’d like to try this butterfly on your own, here’s a neat little set of instructions I found some time back!




P.S. Excuse the poor photo quality, I currently have nothing better to work with than a phone camera, hopefully soon I’ll have a real camera for this sort of thing.


Hello There!

Hello there blogging world! This is my first blog in years. So forgive me in advance for being out of the loop.
Just a little introduction:
I’m a crafty mama. I am a (soon-to-be) housewife and mother to a sweet four year old girl. Now my daughter is SPOILED, so I spend a lot of time looking for new DIY ideas for toys, decorations, clothing, etc. I’m also a visual artist, mostly painting, but occasionally sculpting, charcoal, ink, and paper crafts. Not only am I generally vocal in every day life, but I am also somewhat of a freelance vocalist. (translation: I’m the one you see in public randomly breaking out in song just because I feel like it.)
So there’s a little about me! This blog will probably be a little random and unorganized until it takes life, so bear with me!