Simply Sparkle Supply: DIY Chunky Necklace Kits

Ever want to make your own necklace, but couldn’t decide what color combinations you wanted? Or couldn’t find matching colors?

Then this will be great for you!

Simply Sparkle Supply sells adorable DIY necklace kits, in a wide variety of colors and styles! She also sells individual beads and pendants. Want a particular necklace, but don’t have the time to make it?  Select the “Make it for me” option! Check out some of my favorite sets and make your way over to her Etsy page!
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Coral and Mint are great, trendy colors for Spring and Summer! I love the bow!
( )
Teal and Grey are perfect for a day on the water, and a chic way to brighten a rainy day!
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Feeling a little whimsical today? Check out the Green and Purple kit!
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Here are some examples of assembled necklaces:
I love this Sofia The First necklace! Great for any little princess!
( )
Barbie is definitely classic!
( )
Here is the Teal and Grey! Gorgeous!
( Sold )
Football season is coming! Who doesn’t want to sport their team colors?
( Coming Soon )
There are many more kits, beads, and pendants to choose from! So hop on over To Simply Sparkle Supply and take a look!!
Stay Crafty!

Fall Inspired DIY Wall Hanging and Garland

So bear with me, I’m a little limited in materials at the moment. Aren’t we all sometimes?
So today I finished up some cute fall decor.
This would be a fun craft for kids! (Younger kids might need a bit of help)

This one doesn’t real need instructions, because it’s all you! But I’ll tell you what I used:
Open circle, cut from a cardboard box.
Closed circle, cut from the center of the afore mentioned. (trimmed a bit so that there was some space between the edges.)
Construction paper leaves, with a few veins drawn on. (You can print off a pattern, or make your own, like I did.)

And polished hemp to wrap the cardboard, and for the garland.

I used wire to suspend the closed circle in the center of the open one, and also to hang the leaves from the garland.

I glued the leaves in a circular pattern, then added a final leaf in the center to draw it all together

I was planning on using ribbon flowers for an additional wall hanging, but ran out of ribbon.

Have a good night!