Fall Inspired DIY Wall Hanging and Garland

So bear with me, I’m a little limited in materials at the moment. Aren’t we all sometimes?
So today I finished up some cute fall decor.
This would be a fun craft for kids! (Younger kids might need a bit of help)

This one doesn’t real need instructions, because it’s all you! But I’ll tell you what I used:
Open circle, cut from a cardboard box.
Closed circle, cut from the center of the afore mentioned. (trimmed a bit so that there was some space between the edges.)
Construction paper leaves, with a few veins drawn on. (You can print off a pattern, or make your own, like I did.)

And polished hemp to wrap the cardboard, and for the garland.

I used wire to suspend the closed circle in the center of the open one, and also to hang the leaves from the garland.

I glued the leaves in a circular pattern, then added a final leaf in the center to draw it all together

I was planning on using ribbon flowers for an additional wall hanging, but ran out of ribbon.

Have a good night!



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