DIY Play Makeup

With Thanksgiving coming fast, I’ve been working on a few fall crafts. However, I have yet to finish any of them.
So while I finish those up, enjoy this:

As any mother with daughters will tell you, little girls like to get into Mommy’s makeup! So today’s craft is my solution to that issue.

This one is pretty easy. We all have an empty -or nearly empty- eyeshadow palette somewhere. Why not recycle that into a fun toy that helps our little girl be just like Mommy?

First, clean out the palette. Be sure to remove any leftover makeup, and dry thoroughly.

Then take any color nail polish and fill the spaces where the makeup used to be. Make sure to fill them to the top of the space, as the nail polish will compress when it dries.

Let the nail polish dry overnight, or longer if necessary.
Now  your little girl has no-mess “makeup,” and will (hopefully) stay out of yours!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!



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