Ombre Chrysanthemum Chandelier


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I found this Chrysanthemum chandelier a few weeks ago, and had to try it out! Of course the instructions call for paper lanterns, but if you’re on a budget, or can’t seem to find any paper lanterns (like me,) you can use flat circles cut from cardboard to make wall-hanging Chrysanthemums

You can find the instructions by following the link:

Here are some of Aunt Peaches’ images:




Here are a couple (poor quality) photos of my own:



This is a fun project for nurseries, girl rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, parties, you name it.
And I am definitely going to be doing this one again!

Happy Crafting!



Happy World Prematurity Day!

So today is World Prematurity Awareness Day.
I don’t have a craft four you today, but in honor of today I’d like to share something about my daughter, who was -you guessed it- a preemie.


My daughter was born two months premature (at 32 weeks gestation.) I had a 45 minute labor and she was here! With her head in my palm, her feet didn’t reach my elbows!


She weight 3lbs. 15.18 oz. The first time I fed her was with a syringe, through a feeding tube. She was in the NICU for a month and a half and when she came home she was barely larger than a baby doll.


She is now four years old, in Pre-K. She’s very smart and creative.


For more info on preemies and preterm birth, check out these links:

To see first-hand stories of preemies and preemie parents, check out this page on Facebook:

DIY Barbie Shoe Necklace


Four years old and already obsessed with shoes! Yes, that’s my beautiful little flower, Chrysanthemum. And she is wearing the latest addition to her jewelry box, a necklace embellished with charms made from Barbie shoes.


My mother in law bought my daughter a set of off brand clothes at the dollar store a while back. My daughter loved the clothes, but the shoes were much too large.

So I decided to make use of them. I put holes in the backs of the shoes with a push pin, then put a link through the hole, attach to a bracelet or necklace and you’re done!


Fall Inspired DIY Wall Hanging and Garland

So bear with me, I’m a little limited in materials at the moment. Aren’t we all sometimes?
So today I finished up some cute fall decor.
This would be a fun craft for kids! (Younger kids might need a bit of help)

This one doesn’t real need instructions, because it’s all you! But I’ll tell you what I used:
Open circle, cut from a cardboard box.
Closed circle, cut from the center of the afore mentioned. (trimmed a bit so that there was some space between the edges.)
Construction paper leaves, with a few veins drawn on. (You can print off a pattern, or make your own, like I did.)

And polished hemp to wrap the cardboard, and for the garland.

I used wire to suspend the closed circle in the center of the open one, and also to hang the leaves from the garland.

I glued the leaves in a circular pattern, then added a final leaf in the center to draw it all together

I was planning on using ribbon flowers for an additional wall hanging, but ran out of ribbon.

Have a good night!


DIY Play Makeup

With Thanksgiving coming fast, I’ve been working on a few fall crafts. However, I have yet to finish any of them.
So while I finish those up, enjoy this:

As any mother with daughters will tell you, little girls like to get into Mommy’s makeup! So today’s craft is my solution to that issue.

This one is pretty easy. We all have an empty -or nearly empty- eyeshadow palette somewhere. Why not recycle that into a fun toy that helps our little girl be just like Mommy?

First, clean out the palette. Be sure to remove any leftover makeup, and dry thoroughly.

Then take any color nail polish and fill the spaces where the makeup used to be. Make sure to fill them to the top of the space, as the nail polish will compress when it dries.

Let the nail polish dry overnight, or longer if necessary.
Now  your little girl has no-mess “makeup,” and will (hopefully) stay out of yours!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!


Origami Butterfly Garland


Let’s start this off with a little origami! Who out there likes origami? I sure do! Not only is it a fun and relatively inexpensive hobby (at least compared to many of my own,) but there are so many easy designs, that anyone can do it. My daughter loves helping me with origami. The photo above is a garland of origami butterflies that my daughter and I made to hang over her bed. We used squares of construction paper, printer paper, and even squares cut from paper gift bags.

If you’d like to try this butterfly on your own, here’s a neat little set of instructions I found some time back!




P.S. Excuse the poor photo quality, I currently have nothing better to work with than a phone camera, hopefully soon I’ll have a real camera for this sort of thing.

Hello There!

Hello there blogging world! This is my first blog in years. So forgive me in advance for being out of the loop.
Just a little introduction:
I’m a crafty mama. I am a (soon-to-be) housewife and mother to a sweet four year old girl. Now my daughter is SPOILED, so I spend a lot of time looking for new DIY ideas for toys, decorations, clothing, etc. I’m also a visual artist, mostly painting, but occasionally sculpting, charcoal, ink, and paper crafts. Not only am I generally vocal in every day life, but I am also somewhat of a freelance vocalist. (translation: I’m the one you see in public randomly breaking out in song just because I feel like it.)
So there’s a little about me! This blog will probably be a little random and unorganized until it takes life, so bear with me!